What I love about….Focus Pointe Base Camp | Glowing Heart Ministries.

What I love about….Focus Pointe Base Camp

It has been said by many a student, myself included, upon driving up the road to Focus Point Base Camp, “Yes! I’m home!!”  There is something about the time spent at the camp that just causes me and others to love it! Perhaps it’s the fact that I got to spend much time worshiping along side people that I grew to know and love. Or maybe it was the hours spent out under the open sky with the sounds of wind dancing through the trees and people running around and hollering as we played a game of capture the flag. But whatever the reason behind my own or their attachment, the love for the camp is still the same.


Although for myself personally, Focus Pointe is a home away from home because it is the place where I have truly encountered God. For the past five years I have had the wonderful privilege of attending Pacesetters, a leadership camp put on by Glowing Heart Ministries and held at Focus Pointe.  Over the period of the five days of camp all students spend two hours each day outside under the trees in the sweet sunshine reading their Bible’s and spending time in fellowship with God. Some of the things the Lord taught me during this time could only have been experienced in a solitary place. It was then that I was able to encounter God and His wonderful creation and connect with Him in a whole new way.  Many tears of longing and adoration have been shed in those woods!


I cannot walk through those trees without standing in awe and marveling at the beauty of God and His handiwork; so many hearts and lives have been touched by this beauty. Not too surprisingly, its beauty is not the only thing that has touched lives.  The lessons that I personally, and I know others, have learned are ones that have changed the way I will live my life forever.  Whether it was an experience with leadership, learning to work hard to honor Christ in everything I do, or the opportunity to really learn the meaning of teamwork and relying on others, all have influenced my life in a positive and powerful way.

Those who have had the good fortune to spend time at the camp can have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experiences had there. It truly is a blessing from God, a vessel He is using to change the lives of people from all over Texas. I am so grateful and blessed to be one of those people!

Megan Tyson, Alto Singer

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