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OCC What Comes Out of the Box
The Eternal Impact of a Simple Gift – Oakwood is now a Collection Center for our area!
 If you are interested in volunteering to help us with Operation Christmas Child in November, contact Pastor Jody in the office: 830-625-0267
National Collection Week is November 17–24!
Visit our website to find everything you need to share good news and great joy with children around the world, including how to pack a shoebox, and where to find your nearest drop-off location. You can discover the destination of your gift by making your shipping donation online, download free resources from our resource hub, and learn more about The Greatest Journey, Operation Christmas Child’s follow-up discipleship program.
What goes into the box is fun. But did you know that what comes out can change lives forever?
Flourishing Churches
When churches use shoebox gifts to reach out to their communities, God often blesses them with dramatic growth and a great harvest of souls. Nothing energizes a church like a generation of children who love Jesus.
Opening Doors for the Gospel
Through Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan’s Purse has established church networks in over 100 countries to empower pastors, train teachers, supply Bibles, and prepare the way for those who preach the Gospel.
Redeeming Families
Children often invite their parents to attend the churches where they received their shoeboxes. Many struggling families and broken marriages have been restored as mothers and fathers discover how deeply Jesus loves them.
Making Disciples
Samaritan’s Purse developed The Greatest Journey, a 12-lesson Bible study, especially for children who receive shoebox gifts. We teach them how to live for Jesus and share their faith, multiplying the Gospel among their family and friends.


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