Do You Believe
Do You Believe

Viewers Calling Do You Believe? “Best Christian Film

I was able to see and early viewing of the film and found that I was engaged by a story of the cross intertwined with many real life situation fleshed out through each character.  I think it is a great step toward the cross during the season quickly approaching Easter Sunday. 

Pastor Brandon

Middle School Pastor

This Friday, March 20 is the opening of DO YOU BELIEVE? in more than 1,200 theaters across the country and Canada. Word on the street is this compelling and inspiring story is a can’t-miss movie. But don’t take our word … check out what people are saying who have already seen early screenings of DO YOU BELIEVE?

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The Time is NOW

Don’t Stop Believing!In DO YOU BELIEVE?, we meet twelve different characters, all searching for something more to life. That’s a reality we all face—if we’re following Christ, we long to make our lives matter for Him. If we’re searching for faith, we long to find purpose. And if our faith is wavering, we need encouragement to stay the course.Check out and then share this fun mash-up to encourage your friends to keep believing—and to invite them to see DO YOU BELIEVE? with you when it opens in theaters next Friday, March 20.

Don’t Stop Believing

Life Imitates Art

Charlie Daniels Singing Movie’s PraisesDO YOU BELIEVE? is one of the most true-to-life Christian movies I’ve ever seen—believable characters facing believable situations. It’s about people being all-too human, miracles, and the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.”
Charlie DanielsIn addition to being a beloved entertainer, Charlie Daniels heads up The Journey Home Project, a great organization that helps our military members and their families. Learn more about the organization in this video.

The Journey Home Project

In Theaters Spring 2015

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