We’re Talking About This…

How many hours are you technologically connected on a normal day? If you were to add up your hours online, your glances at text messages, your streaming music, your perusing social media, your Netflix addiction, how many hours could you count? It’s probably a lot. Our culture is obsessed with technology—and with good reason. Technology keeps us connected to each other and to the world around us. Nearly every device we own transmits signals to something else, somewhere else. Why? Because that’s how they’re wired to function. Our phones, tablets, smart watches, gaming systems—they all are wired to connect to something outside them.
And the same is true for us. We are wired for connection. It’s in our design. As we take a closer look at what Jesus called “the greatest commandment”, we discover that we were wired to have three vital relationships: with God, with ourselves, and with others. And when those connections are made, everything else begins to function as it was designed to.

WIRED: Week 1 Sunday, October 4
BOTTOM LINE: The image of God is all around us.

WIRED: Week 2 Sunday, October 11
BOTTOM LINE: God loves you exactly as you are.

WIRED: Week 3 Sunday, October 18
SESSION TITLE: Wires Crossed
BOTTOM LINE: You can love God by loving others.

Wurst Sunday October 25  – Our first BIG TENT EVENT 9am to 12pm

Middle School and High School Students WEAR YOUR SCHOOL COLORS!

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