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Momentum is the power for change. When an object is put in motion, momentum happens. The more momentum, the faster the object. The more momentum, the more change.  The more change, the more transformation and impact in our lives.

When it comes to momentum in our spiritual lives, we can be all over the place. One minute, we feel like God is right beside us and we are willing to go anywhere with Him, then the next minute we are in the middle of some sort of drama at school or at home that makes us question if God is even there.  Instead of momentum going full force, we sort of stop and start and stop and start and stop and start again… over and over and over, until we actually begin losing momentum and want to give up.

Leading up to Believe Weekend, January 29,30, & 31, we are going to talk about what it takes to have spiritual momentum in our lives during our Fusion Sundays and Fusion Wednesdays.

Session 1 – Status Update (Sunday, January 3)

Session 2 – The Truth (Wed, January 6)

Session 3 – The Big Boss (Sunday, January 10)

Session 4 – Connected (Wed, January 13)

Session 5 – Temptation Trap (Sunday, January 17)

Session 6 – Healthy Friendships (Wed, January 20)

Session 7 – Salt Life (Sunday, January 24)




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