Q When and Where does Fusion Meet on Sunday?  Fusion Meets Sundays 9:15am.  6th grade begins in Room 105 and 7-8 grades begin in Room 100.

Q What happens on Fusion Sundays @ RM 105 & RM 100?  Beginning at  9:15am students have a Shipley doughnut or five, brief worship time, grade based talk time, and then small group time.  10:30am is dismissal time from break out rooms in the Student Worship Center


Imagine your life as a car. Now imagine your heart as the car’s gas tank. What is it that fuels you? Is it others’ approval? Is it being the most popular? The most athletic? The smartest? Do you have to feel liked by others to like yourself? Do you need to feel accepted by others to know God loves you? The danger in fueling ourselves by people and things is that eventually, they will let us down. And what happens when that fuel is gone? When our friendships fade? When we’re not the fastest anymore? When we make a C in math? Or when our crush turns us down? What do we then? The truth is, we all want to be loved, but sometimes people reject us. We want to be liked, but sometimes we don’t think we’re as cool as we wish we were. And we don’t want to lose the people we love, but sometimes we get our hearts broken. Or you could say it this way: deep down, we’re all asking for three things: Love me. Like me. And don’t leave me. As we look at the lives of Jesus, Paul, and Jeremiah, we’ll learn how to answer these questions in a way that keeps our hearts up and running.

Feb 7 – LOVE ME

When I feel rejected, God loves me.

Feb 14 – LIKE ME

When I feel unlikeable, God still likes me.


When my heart is broken, God never leaves me.

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