Jesus Redeems Series – Rescue Emphasis

  • Your students will learn that any hope we have of being reconciled to Creator God comes through Jesus, our Rescuer and Redeemer.
  • Main Topics: Redemption, rescue, gospel, hope, mission, faith, mercy
  • Connected Roots: Rescue, Apologetics, Outreach

Regular Schedule in Student Pavilion

5:30pm – Papa John’s Pizza Served, Crowd Games & Random Door Prize Giveaways

6:00pm – Fusion Wednesdays Begin with Worship

6:30pm – Talk Time

7:00pm – Small Groups in the Admin Rooms above the offices.

7:30pm – Dismiss


Sept 6 – Rescue Mission  *First Regular Middle School Wed – Memory Verse: John 4:35

Sept 13 – Headliner – Nicodemas Memory Verse: John 3:16-17

Sept 20 – Middle School Madness Game Night – Crazy Games/ Fun Games/ Competition for memory verses

Sept 27 – Allen Moorman, Guest Speaker

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