8th Grade Parents!  We promote Oakwood Students up to 9th Grade on Sunday, August 26, but we want your 8th graders to get to know Pastor Jordan this Summer.  This is the first way to do it!!!

(+ I hear there is CAKE SHHHHH don’t tell them I told you)

All 8th grade students are invited to attend the High School service on Wednesday, May 16th at 6:00PM.

  •  6:00 PM – food and games in the parking lot
  • 6:30 PM. Service Starts
  • We meet in the SWC (the Branch).

You are invited to the Gauntlet Launch Party 

We will be offering a super discount for our HS retreat called the Gauntlet from 6-9PM ONLY. The price will be $150 for the 6-9pm early bird special. After 9pm the price jumps up to $175 each.

The Gauntlet is September 1-3 and is held at Camp Tejas in Giddings, TX.

Students have small group devotional time and have a little free time to enjoy the many outside activities at Camp Tejas. We have a guest speaker and guest band for the retreat. You will not want to miss out on the Gauntlet Games!

In His service,

Jordan Cash

Oakwood Church

High School Pastor

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