2019 Lockapalooza


Lock-in at Blazer Tag in Austin  August 16-17  |  7pm – 7am    

$65 | Early Bird Closes August 4 (Payment in full)

$70 | Regular Registration closes August 11 ($25 locks in rate)

$75 | Late Registration beginning August 12

Bryan Drake is Kicking Off LOCKLAPALOOZA!!!!!!!

Following check-in at 7pm there will be entertainment, games, and pizza in the Oakwood Pavilion. Bryan Drake Kicks Off the Night and we make a quick stop to D-Bat for Dodgeball and Kickball before heading to Blazer Tag in Austin.

Then at 11pm we travel to Blazer Tag to take over the facility from MIDNIGHT to 6AM! 

Pick up from Oakwood at 7am on August 17

Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the night.