That’s Right! Sunday, Sept 13 is GO TIME for Middle School!

Middle School Ministry

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  • WE MEET DURING THE 9:30am SERVICE If you come at 11:00am, we suggest that your student attends Main Service with the family. 
  • WE ASK THAT YOUR CHILD WEAR A MASK The OSM is simply reflecting requirements for indoor meetings during COVID that we are asking during Oakwood Main Services.  Some day, Pastor Ray will not be wearing a mask… and we won’t be either (PRAY DEEPLY MY FRIENDS)
  • Students can Check themselves in.  We have a welcome team that helps check your student in.
  • We usually entice students with Shipley Donuts, but due to current Covid Restrictions, we are sadly delaying our man made manna at this time 😦
  • When we END, You Don’t Check Your Student Out.  When our time is over, around 10:30am, students are dismissed and find their parents ON THEIR OWN. (Fly young ducklings… FLY!!!)
  • Plan a MEETING PLACE after FUSION. Take a moment ahead of time and plan a place to meet up.  For example… “Meet us in the Mission Hall” or “We will probably be picking up little Johnny from the Children’s building, so meet us in the foyer” or “Meet us at the car, but don’t get hit by another church member’s car” or “Go ahead and just go home with another loving church family that will feed you and house you and take you to school” (maybe not the last one)
  • We have loving Adult Leaders. Every Adult Leader present is happy to help you and your student.  We are a team and LOVE YOUR KID TOO!
  • During the School Year we break out into Small Groups by Grade and Gender: These Small Groups are Relationally Oriented for group discussion that relates to the Talk Time with Pastor Brandon (Pastor B).
  • Small Groups usually happen in classrooms surrounding the Branch Service Location: Due to COVID Restrictions, we will be staying in and around the Student Pavilion
  • On A Normal, NON-COVID Sunday, we will begin to break out Small Groups ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE CHURCH BY THE BRANCH. This means that your kid will most likely NOT be IN THE PAVILION around 10:30am.  (In fact, High School Students will begin gathering for their Sunday Meeting time and your will be very confused.) …PLAN A MEETING PLACE
  • LASTLY WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR STUDENT: I know this transition is different and can seem overwhelming as a parent or as a new 6th grader.  With all the stress and Chaos or change, we want to help your student make Jesus #1 in their lives.  The truth is… I have seen great movements of God in our Student Ministry and I KNOW without a doubt that He has way more investment in the life or your child than even You or I do!

In Christ,

Pastor B

That Big Guy Smiling Behind the Mask

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