Student Pavilion 6:00 to 7:30

Fusion Wednesday Nights

Student Pavilion  6:00pm to 7:30pm – Some Covid Thoughts

Bible study starts at 6pm with worship and talk time, followed by break-out sessions for real life discussion by grade and gender. 

  • Masks Are Required in the Student Pavilion (Gators are fine)
  • Holding off on FOOD for a while…

What is Fusion? 

Fusion offers a loving and accepting environment geared for middle school students grades 6-8. We have events, weekly meetings, and exist to Intentionally Engage middle school students by helping them make Jesus #1.

What happens on Fusion Wednesdays? We meet in the Student Pavilion

6:00pm Bible study begins.   We begin with student-led worship, move to talk time, and then break out into small groups for real life discussion.

7:30pm is dismissal time.

Can my Middle Schooler play on the playground? 

Parents, please let your Middle Schooler know that the playground is for CHILDREN and that they will be asked to leave the playground.  We have Gaga Ball and Basketball outside the Student Pavilion.

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