LOCKAPALOOZA is getting started with BRYAN and Karla Drake!!!

We have worked with the Bryan Drake Show at Oakwood for many different events, but our favorite is LOCKAPALOOZA!!!!!

About Bryan and Karla

The Bryan Drake Show is driven by one clear and overriding passion, to share the Gospel with this generation.

Bryan and Karla Drake have performed for hundreds of thousands of people over the past 10 years. They have witnessed the amazing grace of God first hand as thousands of people at their shows have surrendered their lives to follow Jesus.

Here is a schedule of the night:

7:00pm                             Registration, T-Shirt, & Pizz @ Student Pavilion

7:45pm                            Crowd Games

8:00pm                            Bryan Drake

10:30pm                          Get on Charter Buses for Blazer Tag!!!

11:45 pm                          Check In @ Blazer Tag

12:00am                           Have FUN!!!

3:00am                             Late Shift volunteer check in @ Blazer Tag

6:00am                            Transport back to Oakwood 

7:00am                            Pick up Time @ Oakwood

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