All Access is Wednesday, Aug 31

All Access TITLE


Q What is All Access? All Access is a foyer event geared for students to invest and invite a friend. The Oakwood Student Ministry, grades 6-12, meet in the Main Worship Center for a night of high energy worship and a relevant message, challenging students to follow Christ.  6:00pm begins with food and hang time,  then high energy music, a relevant speaker, and response time.  8pm is dismissal time.  Our Believe Weekend Kick-Off night is an All Access Night as well as our Back to School Bash.

Youth Ministry 101 Middle School Leader Training


Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, Setpember 10!

Hey Middle School Leaders!  We are flying in Dan Colwin from Leader Treks to speak into our lives Saturday, September 10.  Please make an effort to be a part of this interactive leader training.

Four Sessions 9am to 3pm, including Lunch:

9am Navigating the Minefield: Youth ministry can sometimes feel like a minefield; everywhere students turn, another danger lies in front of them waiting to cause great damage. It’s our job to help them navigate the minefield. But do we go about it effectively. Through an interactive experience, we’ll help your staff realize the value they have in students’ lives.

10:30am Transactional vs Transformational Youth Ministry: Youth ministry is more than just fun and games. Youth ministries need a clear structure and programs, but real transformation goes beyond programming. Through interactive assessments, adult staff will understand their sweet spot in ministry and how being transformational starts with understanding how they are wired.

12:00 How to Have Lunch with Middle School Leaders

1:00pm Building a Transformational Youth Ministry: Relationships are the key to transformation. This session will focus on key skills and practices that can help adults build transformational relationships with students.

2:30pm Developing Students: Students have amazing potential and as youth workers, we have the ability to help them realize their potential. In this final session we’ll examine how recognizing and using key teachable moments can be key in developing students.