OSM BBQ Summer Trips Fundraiser

We Have Rudy’s BBQ Fundraiser Packets during our OSM Weekly Meetings or in the Office.

BBQ Fundraiser Details

  • For every ticket you sell for $8 you get $5 credit towards mission trip or camps in 2020
  • Anyone that donates money but doesn’t buy a ticket is directly donating to your trip expense. 100% of their donation goes to you
  • You can only check out 1 packet of 20 tickets at a time.
  • You MUST sign out each packet you take. 1 signature = 1 packet
  • All money, packets, and remaining tickets are due back on March 22nd.
  • Make sure to write your name on the packet prior to turning it in.
  • These are TO GO lunches and must be picked up on Sunday March 29th from 10:30am – 12:30pm at the Oakwood Kitchen.

Mother + Daughter 2020

NB Mothers & Middle/High School daughters

Friday, February 28th @ Oakwood Church

You don’t want to miss this fun night for middle & high school girls and their mom (or special mentor)! We will be talking about all the big & small places God wants to use each of us.

Tickets include

T-shirt for mom & daughter with our theme, “Don’t Miss your Mission”.

Desserts, a photo together, music, a powerful message, and special moments with your daughter

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $25 for a mother/daughter and $10 for each additional daughter.


Passport 2 Purity Getaway

Passport 2 Purity helps guide you through sessions to begin having conversations with your child about sex and purity in God’s plan.

As we are talking about issues with Purity and Sex in our weekly Middle School environments, I want to be honest with you as a Middle School Parent… I don’t like these talks either! This stuff is personal, and yet we live in a world that entices us to make our personal issues public, while exploiting every bit of them for whatever means are out there. That is a main reason the Oakwood Student Ministry carries that mindset that “SOMETHING MUST BE SAID” in regards to God’s Plan and what we are up against on a daily basis.

The second thing I want you to know is that, even though I am a Pastor in this area, I am still hoping and praying for my own kids to walk rightly in the Lord and choose a life of Purity. That is why Laura and I have been intentional with Katie, as she entered 6th grade, and Noah, as he is midway through 5th grade, to enter into the conversation about sex and God’s view of purity within His plan.

Our advice to you, whether you use this material or not, is to intentionally plan a time that is best for you and your child to have the deep conversations that will direct the future of your child’s sexuality toward Godly Wisdom, rather than the standards brought forth by the culture and worldly views we live in today.

Noah and I Toured the 750 foot tall Tower of the Americas during our Passport 2 Purity Getaway.

By the way, my time with Noah was not ALL SERIOUS stuff! I’m not that boring and he can’t stay still for that long. We planned a Spurs Game outing, ate tons of pancakes at IHOP, played games at Dave and Buster’s, and enjoyed some one-on-one time together. Yes, we shared deep things dealing with the purity issues of today, but we also connected in a way that will set up an ongoing conversation in the days to come. That, in my mind, is priceless.

Laura and I recommend Passport 2 Purity and the Family Life Ministry, because we know we need tools to help launch us into this teenage phase of life. We hope and pray that all our Middle School Parents have the opportunity to do the same, because we have already seen the positive impact.

If you are interested in the materials, click on the image and links below:

Click Here for the Family Life Shopping Website

Parent Cue: None of Your Business

None of Your Business is a four-part series centered around the topic of sex. The goal is to help your middle schooler both understand God’s design for sex and begin to think about healthy boundaries and practices when it comes to sex. Though it may be an awkward, new, or serious conversation for students in this phase to have, it’s an important one that will help them frame their curiosity, impulses, choices, and experiences concerning sex in a healthy, God-designed way.

 Part 1, Feb 9

GENESIS 1:27-28a; GENESIS 2:25;

Sex is good,
and sex is powerful.

Part 2, Feb 12

Technology is good,
and technology is powerful.

 Part 3, Feb 16

1 JOHN 1:5-7; 1 JOHN 1:8-9
Confession is good,
and confession is powerful.

Part 4, Feb 19

1 CORINTHIANS 6:19-20;

Boundaries are good,
and boundaries are powerful.

The Intersection of Everything Event

Duncan Campbell is a local Youth Ministry friend and creative mind that has a desire to use his gifts to engage the community with the Love of Jesus… and maybe some laughter too.

Check out Brauntex Ticket Info Here

With creative live photography, live music, a dash of comedy, and examples from science and the Bible, Christian author Duncan Campbell delivers an inspiring and innovative presentation on how everything is connected, full of mysterious wonder, and heading toward hope.