Middle School Kick-Off @ Schlitterbahn 4pm to 6pm

Come to Blastenhoff Entrance – Meet up with Brandon and the Middle School Team 4pm

We will break off in groups with Middle School Leaders.

Pick up at 6pm at Blastenhoff Entrance.

Hey Oakwood Families,

If you don’t have a Season Pass and want to join us a the park, check out the Partner Discount Info Below:

For year-round fun at Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts, use the link below to access our Partner Discounts.  Discounts are available for admission, season passes, accommodations and more.  Although Partner Discounts are not currently available for Cabanas, Early-Access and Blast Passes through our Partner Program, they are available on the site for your convenience.

To view the park-specific offers, visit Partner Link listed below and follow the steps listed below.

  • Choose your Park.
  • Select the Item Type you wish to purchase from the Park Landing Page.
  • Enter your Quantities and Follow the Prompts.
  • Add your eTicket Code and Apply Promotion to receive your Partner Discount.
  • Visually Confirm that your Rates have changed.
  • Remember, if your eTicket Code is not entered before check out, you will be charged full price.

Partner Link:           www.schlitterbahn.com/partnerdiscounts

2017 Code:              201700234

Partner Discounts are available online only and require an advance purchase.

Middle School Summer Schedule Sneak Peek

Hey Middle School Parents!

We are getting plans together and  getting ready for the SUMMER!!!!

  • Wed  May 31  Summer Kick-off at Schlitterbahn (4pm – 6pm)  Group will meet at Blastenhoff inside Schlitterbahn at 4PM – Bring your Season Pass or Buy Ticket at Door
  •  Sun. 4  –  Fri. 9 Focus Pointe Camp
  •  Wed. 14 Open Pavilion Night—Pizza and Games (6 to 8pm)
  • Thur. 15  7th Grade Mission Trip Student Training (12  to 2pm) in the Pavilion
  •  Sun. 18 Middle School Lunch Out at Zaxby’s (12pm to 2pm)
  •  Sun. 25 Middle School Lunch Out at McAlister’s (12pm to 2pm)
  •  Wed. 28 TRANSFORMERS  Movie Night   Time TBD (check on the church calendar for details) Meet at Urban Bricks Pizza at 4:30pm; movie at Creekside
  •  Thur. 29 Girls Bible Study Lunch @ Chick-Fil-A  (12pm to 2pm) Guys Bible Study Lunch @ Chick-Fil-A (12pm to 2pm)

  • Wed. 5  Movie **  Despicable Me 3  (check the church calendar for details) Meet at Orange Leaf at 2:30pm; movie at Creekside
  •  Fri. 7    Movie ** Spiderman  (check the church calendar for details)
  • Sun. 9 Middle School Lunch Out  –  Intern’s Pick  (12pm to 2pm)  Volleyball  @ Landa Park  (8pm to 10pm)
  •  Wed. 11 & 12 Local Mission Trip     (9:30am to 1pm) @ New Braunfels Church of Christ Gymnasium
  • Sun. 16 Middle School Lunch Out  –  Intern’s Pick  (12pm to 2pm)  Volleyball  @ Landa Park  (8pm to 10pm)
  • Monday 17 –  Friday 21    VBS – Middle School Lunch Out  Places TBD
  • Sun. 23 Middle School Lunch Out  –  Rudy’s BBQ  (12pm to 2pm)  Volleyball  @ Landa Park  (8pm to 10pm)
  • Wed. 26 ZDT’s Amusement Park  3:00 pm to 8:30pm  Cost  $25
  • Sun. 30 Middle School Lunch Out  –  Intern’s Pick  (12pm to 2pm)  Volleyball  @ Landa Park  (8pm to 10pm)

  • Wed. 2   Schlitterbahn  (12 to 5pm)  Group will meet at Blastenhoff inside Schlitterbahn at 4PM
  • Wed. 9    NO MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES  (Leadership Summit at Oakwood 10th & 11th)
  •  Wed. 16 Student Pavilion Night
  •  Fri. 18  –  Sat. 19 Lockapalooza  Friday 7pm to Saturday 7am
  •  Wed. 23 End of Summer Party @ Marek’s Home 6 to 8pm
  •  Wed 30 Fusion back on Campus  –  6:30pm in the Pavilion

Fuze Night Tonight Update!

6 Middle School Students Gave their lives to Jesus at our Fuze Night!

What is Middle School Fuze Night? Fuze Night is a large group gathering for Middle School Students in the Student Pavilion on Wednesday Night.  6:00pm begins with pizza and hang time then we move to high energy music, a relevant speaker, and response time. 8pm is dismissal time. Middle School students are challenged to shine a light for Jesus in their area of influence.

6pm Pizza and Pavilion Hangout/Outside Games

6:30 Travis Kiers Band

7:15 Gospel Messsage with Pastor Brandon

7:45 Response Time

8pm Dismiss

Middle School Parents – Student Pavilion is Up and Running!

Sunday MorningsStudent Pavilion 9:15am to 10:30am.

Middle School Students grab a Shipley Doughnut or two, worship together, and listen to a talk time geared for them. We end the hour in Fusion Small Group break out rooms by grade and gender.

Wednesday Nights – Student Pavilion 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Set up an environment geared towards Grades 6-8, 6:30pm to 8pm.  Students begin in the Student Pavilion and move to breakout rooms to end the evening.

What is Fusion? Fusion offers a loving and accepting environment geared for Middle School Students Grades 6-8.  We have events, weekly meetings, and exist to Intentionally Engage Middle School Students by leading them to the heart of the Father.

When and Where does Fusion Meet? ? 6th-8th grades begin in the NEW STUDENT PAVILION on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

What happens on Fusion Sundays?  Beginning at  9:15am, students have a Shipley doughnut or five, worship time with a band, talk time, and then break out in rooms by grade and gender for small group time.  10:30am is dismissal time from break out rooms.

What happens on Fusion Wednesdays? 6:30 Bible Study Begins in the NEW STUDENT PAVILION!!!!! –  We have hang out time before things get started, begin with Worship, move to Talk Time, then Students move to break out rooms for real life discussion. 8pm is dismissal time.

What can my Middle Schooler do for dinner? We suggest sending your student to the Oakwood Wednesday Night Dinner for a nice hot meal.  Students are welcome to hang out with us in the New Student Pavilion between 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Can my Middle Schooler play on the playground?  Parents, please let your Middle Schooler know that the playground is for CHILDREN and that they will be asked to leave the playground.

What is Middle School Fuze Night? Fuze Night is a large group gathering for Middle School Students in the Student Pavilion on Wednesday Night.  6:00pm begins with pizza and hang time then we move to high energy music, a relevant speaker, and response time. 8pm is dismissal time. Middle School students are challenged to shine a light for Jesus in their area of influence.

What is All Access? All Access is a foyer event geared for students to invest and invite a friend. The Oakwood Student Ministry, grades 6-12, meet in the Main Worship Center for a night of high energy worship and a relevant message, challenging students to follow Christ. 6:00pm begins with food and hang time, then high energy music, a relevant speaker, and response time. 8pm is dismissal time. Our Believe Weekend Kick-Off night is an All Access Night as well as our Back to School Bash.

Jesus is Loving Barabbas – Video + Questions and Reflection

BARABBAS Questions and Reflection

Barabbas could be given freedom, but deserves the chains and crucifixion that he is destined for.

How are we like Barabbas?

What is one thing you would like to be set free from at this moment?

Jesus has healed, restored, and set free. Why is he facing punishment?

Reflection – Ask Jesus to help set you free from whatever it is that is weighing you down.


People vs the Father

Who does Barabbas think set him free?

Who actually sets Barabbas free?

How have you seen the Father work through circumstances in your life to set you free?

Reflection – Take a moment to thank the Father for those that encourage you and love on you in your walk toward freedom in Christ.


“Jesus knew that the Father would have to treat Jesus like Barabbas, so He could treat Barabbas like Jesus.”

What does this powerful statement mean to you personally?

Reflection – Imagine Jesus on the cross, giving His life for you. Thank Him for taking your place and giving you freedom.


Romans 5:8 says, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Think about that one thing you would like to be set free from again.  What shame does Jesus need to take?  What sin do you need to hand to Him? What are you holding on to that on Jesus needs to set you free from, by His power alone?

Reflection – Take a moment and pray to the Father and say Jesus is enough for _____________.

Maybe there are a few things that you need to fill in that blank for.  It’s okay, Jesus is enough.


When you are done, take a moment to quiet your Spirit and listen to the voice of the Father. 



Easter Sunday we are excited about the opportunity to worship with your family as we celebrate our Risen Savior.

With all the excitement surrounding Easter, it seems only fitting that we reveal the new Student Pavilion to our OSM families Easter Weekend.

The Oakwood Student Ministry would like to invite you and your family to join us in the new Student Pavilion for one of our Easter Celebration Services.

We will have LIVE Worship and then will watch Pastor Ray via simulcast.

  • We will have donuts, coffee, juice, milk, and celebrate together as we lift up the name of Jesus together.
  • If you are a parent of a middle school student we would like to invite your family to join us in the Student Pavilion at 9:15am.
  • If you are a parent of a high school student we would like to invite your family to join us in the Student Pavilion at 10:45am.

We hope and pray that you will join us on this special day as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord!!

The Oakwood Student Ministry Team

Are you afraid of Middle School Students?

Help! My Volunteers are Afraid of Students

Doug Franklin’s blog speaks of a key factor for any Student Ministry, and it is something that I know works… RELATIIONSHIPS

Check out the post here

By Doug Franklin March 9, 2017

The key to speaking into students’ lives is to build relationships with them. I tell our staff all the time, “Be a leader worth following.” Leaders worth following build relationships based on one goal: seeing a student grow closer to the Lord. Relationships can start out fun and crazy, but they need to have a goal, a point when the youth worker asks the student to make changes in his or her life based on God’s word. The students will be willing to only if youth workers have taken the time to invest in them.

Relationship building comes easy for many youth workers—it’s why we got into the ministry. We have a passion for students. But your volunteers may not come by it as easily as you do. Training volunteers is tough. Many of them have a heart for service but are afraid of students. Here are some of the techniques I teach my own staff.

Make Time

Students have to get your time if you’re going to get their hearts. Find out what they like to do and do it with them. It’s best if you can find an activity that you both enjoy. Sit where students sit. Be around them, hang out in their world, and they will want to know why you are there.

“Students have to get your time if you’re going to get their hearts.”

Discover a Student

Students are just waiting to be discovered. They want someone to unmask them and bring them out. When you discover them, they’ll give you their heart. At LeaderTreks our staff play a game called 100 questions. Whenever they spend time with students working, doing dishes, or just hanging out, they ask students questions designed to uncover who they are. The game is simple. You start by asking a question about the clothes they are wearing and continue to ask questions based on their answers. The idea is to catch them off guard. They are always willing to talk about clothes or school, but before they know it, they are answering questions about their parents and their relationship with Jesus Christ. The 100 questions game is not a flashy or new idea, but it will do the job of discovering a student.

Write Notes

Writing notes is the most powerful way of making a shallow relationship deeper. When I was a youth pastor, I would try to write six notes a day. Sounds like a lot, but I could do it in 15 minutes. I kept the body of the note the same and changed words to fit the student. Every letter started with “I was praying for you today.” Then I would tell the student what I prayed. If I had seen them in a game or a play, I would mention that. But each letter was short. The power of the note is in how it’s delivered. Many times I would put notes in their cars or on their windshields. If I could, I would find a way to get the notes in their lockers. The best way to deliver a letter is in a place where it is least expected. I have a youth pastor buddy who would take sick bags from planes and write notes on them and put them in the mail. He would often write, “I was sick about you missing youth group.” The postman would always deliver them!

Have a Purpose for the Relationship

Once you have developed a relationship with a student, never lose sight of the mission. Always use your conversations to challenge students to grow. Move the discussion to points of decisions. Ask students to make changes in their lives. Ask them if you can hold them accountable. Never lose your focus on growing the student.

The biggest mistake I see youth workers making is they think they know a student because they know the student’s other siblings or the student’s family. Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure you have spent the time to know each student with whom you have influence. You will demonstrate to them that the program is not about you but about them. Once you have their hearts you will be able to challenge them with whatever God puts in your heart.

Doug Franklin

About the Author

Doug Franklin

Doug Franklin is the president of LeaderTreks, an innovative leadership development organization focusing on students and youth workers. Doug and his wife, Angie, live in West Chicago, Illinois. They don’t have any kids, but they have a dog that thinks he is their only child. Diesel is a 70-pound Weimaraner  who never leaves their side. Doug grew […]

The Other Person Your Child Needs


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We’re miles apart connected through cell phones, but the smile I feel in her voice sinks into my bones. With me, through moves across the country, career changes, moments when I was feeling sorry for myself, and times I needed to celebrate, Sibyl always had the words that hit the spot. She’s never shied away from saying what was hard  (she once told me to get off my butt and get started). But her words mattered because they were spoken from someone who knew me and loved me.

We know as adults we need these voices in our lives, but there’s someone who needs them even more: your child.

Wait a minute, your child has you, right? You’re the awesome parent who loves them more than anyone else in the world.

Exactly. You see your child through parent eyes, filled with hope and an achingly deep love that wants them to always try their best, always step into that next opportunity, always get that A, because you know they can do it. You were there the moment they made their grand entrance. You’re the one with the naked baby butt stories they beg you not to tell.

No way can an outside voice ever take your place, but they can fill a different seat at the table that you can’t.

Let’s face it. Somewhere between Lululemon and man buns, you’ve lost your coolness (okay, you haven’t lost it, you just can’t find it at the moment). You’re still essential, but now, there’s more your child needs. They need an additional, I-know-what-you’re-feeling voice. Here’s why:

They need a listening ear that’s not you, because sometimes it’s about you. Geesh, I don’t want my child talking to someone else about me! Actually, you do. Remember that time you made your daughter march back to her room (okay, she stomped) because the shorts she had on didn’t cover the essentials? She felt like you had ruined her life. When she talks to her friends about it, they’re on her side, which isn’t always helpful. When she talks to another wise adult she trusts, they can help with the why behind the what and help her see you’re on her side too. Which is incredibly helpful.

They need someone to sit with them at ground zero. As parents, we want to get them past what hurts and help lift their eyes to tomorrow. But when something hurts, it hurts today. Your child needs someone to talk to that remembers what it feels like to sit at the lunch table alone, left out of the Friday night party, or dumped by their best friend. As parents, it’s tempting to talk them out of feeling sad. It’s okay, there are lots of other parties. But often, they are not ready for this conversation yet. This is where an outside person can “sit in it” with them and help them process their feelings, giving them time for perspective to seep in.

Some things are too itchy for a parent’s ears. We want our kids to talk to us about the hard stuff. Pornography, sexting, what their best friend got arrested for last night, that decision they made that turned out to be a terrible one. But this is where an outside person can be extremely valuable. They can listen without freaking out, bring some wise words and help your child see why they do need to share it with you. A wise outside voice they trust who also reinforces your family relationship and your family values is like gold, and it keeps your child from feeling isolated with things that feel too big to talk about.

If your child already has someone they can talk to that you trust, like a teacher, coach, small group leader, mentor, let your child know you’re okay with it. Be supportive of their conversations, letting them know they can share what they talk about, but don’t force it. And honor the relationship by allowing time for it.

But what if your child doesn’t have an outside voice?

Ask a leader in your church or at their school if there are any young adults they know well who may already be volunteering and would be willing to mentor or be a big brother or sister. Relationship is key here, so make sure it’s someone your kid can connect with.

If your church has small groups for children and students, encourage your child to join. Remember, that other voice doesn’t always have to be one on one. Sitting in a group of kids the same age with a great leader can be an incredible start.

Wherever you find the other person your child needs, get to know them, invite them to have coffee, and thank them for investing in your child.

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