52 Dinner Discussions

1.If we could have any celebrity over for dinner whom would you want us to have over? Why
them? What do you think we would serve them? Why that?
2.If you could plan a dinner for our family at any location in the world, where would you plan it
and why?
3.If our family had our own cooking show on TV, what would be our specialties and style of
4.What is one restaurant that we have never been to as a family that you would like to try
5.If you could be any food item, what food item would be and why?

Parent Cue: Playing With Fire


A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. 



It’s easy to forget the power of our words—no matter how old we are! As your kids leave for school today, remind them to use their words to build someone else up. Tell them that you’re going to try and do the same thing, too!


Play song wars with your kids in the car this week! You pick the first song to play. Then, have your student pick the next one. Keep taking turns picking songs throughout your drive time, trying to top one another’s song choices as you go.


When’s the last time your family intentionally encouraged each other? During a meal this week, make the time to do just that! Go around the table and have each person say one positive thing about the person sitting to their right.


Share a story about a time that someone used their words either to wreck you or build you up. It’s important that your kids hear your stories so that they believe you can understand the way they feel right now.