DYC Session 5

Featuring Wade Morris, Student Leader, Gabrielle Odom, and More Than This Band

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Wade Morris is from Birmingham, Alabama and a graduate from Samford University where he received a degree in Business Finance. He also received his Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Wade served on staff at several churches before he surrendered to a full time call to itinerant ministry. Wade’s speaking style is to engage the audience with sound Biblical teaching and insight to make the message of Christ relative to people in all walks of life. This combination allows Wade to share truth with those outside the church as well as deepen the faith of the believer. His ministry has allowed him to speak to hundreds of thousands of adults and students all over the world.

Wade is the founder and producer of The Journey Bible Study Series, which is a study that walks people though the reading and understanding from books of the Bible. Wade started this Bible study in a Starbucks with 14 people and it has now spread to be a personal as well as small group Bible study tool for people in America, Japan, Europe, South Korea and counting. The Journey allows listeners to gain knowledge of the Word of God as well as a chance to apply it to their lives.

Wade travels full time, is on the road 200 days a year, and speaks to hundreds of thousands each year.  He is avaiable to speak at a limited number of conferences, camps, retreats, and revivals.

DYC Session 4

Featuring: Speaker, Chad Poe and Illusionist, Jared Hall

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Chad Poe preaches God’s Word through story telling, media, and visual experience. As a result, the Scripture is clearly presented in order for people of all ages to examine and apply Biblical truth to their everyday walks of life. As someone not simply called to speak, Chad believes in the importance of relationship and seeks to get to know people when he is away from the stage. Ultimately, Chad hopes to see people moved into a deeper relationship with Christ. In turn, they will live lives of action that impact their world.

Chad is originally from Chattanooga, TN. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he received a degree in Secondary Education. Following college, he attended Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX where he received a Masters of Divinity. After graduating seminary, God called Chad to a life of itinerant ministry.

Chad and his wife, Hope, live in Lake Jackson, TX with their sons (Shepherd,Charlie, and Alder) and daughter (Magnolia Bea). He is an avid reader and infrequent visitor to the gym. He serves as Teaching Pastor at Grace Bible Church in Clute, TX.

DYC Lathan Warlick

Lathan Warlick is a raw Hip Hop recording positive artist out of Jackson, TN that expresses his love for Jesus in a unique way to reach this generation.

When me and Granger connected to make this music video we shared a bunch of different views on life. Two things we had in common were that we both loved God and that we believed in one race… the human race.!! 2020 has sent us through all kinds of obstacles, but all of us reading this post can say that WE ARE STILL STANDING.!! What didn’t kill us made us stronger💪🏾💪🏻💪🏿💪💪🏽💪🏼 cause LIFE IS LIKE A DIRT ROAD!!🙏🏾

Digital Youth Camp Interview

DYC Session 3

Featuring Speaker, Mike Keahbone

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Mike Keahbone grew up in the small town of Elgin, Oklahoma. His father was a full-blood Cherokee and his mother was Comanche and Kiowa. Though he comes from a proud Native heritage, his family was ravaged by alcohol and drug addiction. As a “teenage mom,” Mike’s mother was in and out of his life and would eventually pass away at the age of 40 due to an alcohol related illness. Mike’s father was completely absent from his life.

Through all of the turmoil, pain and abandonment, there was hope. God put people in Mike’s life that would love him unconditionally and model the love of Jesus Christ for him. It was that love and example that would lead him to give his life to the Lord on November 1, 1990. It became clear to Mike that God had been with him through the storms of his life and that each and every circumstance was instrumental in shaping God’s plan for him. Mike has been called to preach the love, hope and comfort that can only come from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mike seeks to honor God and teach Scripture to all people. Mike combines deep and practical teaching of Scripture with relevant humor, stories, and principles for life change. God has gifted Mike with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that leads him to understand the needs of his audience and to say exactly what they need to hear through the truth of God’s Word. He inspires to provoke a passion for Scripture in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. As Mike explains, “God has given me a clear, passionate vision to fulfill the calling of Colossians 1:28, to present everyone perfect in Christ.”

Mike currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with his wife and three children and serves as the Senior Pastor at Cherokee Hills Baptist Church.

One Spoken Word – Dillon Chase

Dillon Chase initially came onto the scene out of Denton TX. To summarize the driving force behind making music Dillon says; I desire that my music glorifies God, builds up believers, and evangelizes the lost. He started rapping at the age of 14 in 1999, making every effort to grow in his craft. Originally a product of a home ridden with parents who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, Dillon was destined for a life of struggling. But in 2004, by Gods grace-Dillon recognized the importance of the redeeming blood of Christ to pay the price for his sin. He turned from serving his own selfish ambitions and submitted to the will of God. Six years later the grace of God showed evidence in his parents life as well.
Overtime Dillon began to use his gifts as a way to create a platform to proclaim the gospel. In early 2007,Dillons life of servitude was seen and acknowledged through fellow Christians Lecrae and Sho Baraka, thus inviting him to be a part of the 116 Clique project 13 Letters. Currently Dillon continues to produce holy lyrics with a style and flare all his own, emphasizing being a walking testimony off the stage as well as on the stage, of Gods glory and redemptive power.
In September of 2008 Dillon signed with Kingdom City Records and released two projects with them; The Pursuit and Pause. Coupling his passion as a minister/street evangelist with Stand Out Ministries, Dillon grew exponentially as an artist, husband and father. Featured on such albums as the 13 Letters Compilation produced by Reach Records and Sho Barakas debut album Turn My Life Up, Dillon has nationwide exposure and nationwide acclaim. Although he receives accolades and applause for his music; he fights to remain humble, resting in the shadow of Jesus Christ perfect work on the cross. Initially releasing The Pursuit regionally to much acclaim Dillon Chase was later able to reach a national audience with the national re-release of the project. With his dirty south bangers, smooth contemporary cuts, and amazing lyricism, it proves to be a thought evoking, passion building collection of songs. The video for the single Walk Worthy featuring Tedashii reached thousands with a message to please God in private and public life.
Dillon Chase is currently touring with Stand Out Ministries in various cities along with ministering in his local body, and prisons in the state of Oklahoma.

DYC Session 2


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For over thirty-three years, Clayton King has been preaching the gospel all over the world. A native of South Carolina, Clayton mapped out the beginnings of Crossroads Summer Camp (our very first event) in his college dorm room. Over twenty years later, Clayton King Ministries has expanded into a multi-faceted para-church organization that serves students, church leaders, and congregations across the United States. He has also written several books and studies, including Stronger, The True Love Project, Overcome, and Grounded.

Clayton lives in Anderson, South Carolina and mostly spends his time traveling, preaching and speaking at churches, conferences, and leadership events. He is husband to Sharie and father to two sons, Jacob and Joseph. He loves good books, black coffee, four-wheelers, traveling, and anything that gets him outside and in the woods.