Announcing Believe Weekend – January 28-30


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Believe Weekend is our time where the full Oakwood Student Ministry gathers at Oakwood for Large Group Sessions, meets in Host Homes for Small Group discussion Friday and Saturday night, and makes a difference in the community with our can-drive. We are excited to bring back our full weekend event and focus on Loving God and Loving Others in 2022.

Others First

I remember my college days, a loooooong time ago, and I am grateful for some people that invested in my life. They pointed me in the right direction with God’s Truth and what He has to say about living a life that follows Jesus. One of those thoughts had to do with Servant Leadership. I have to admit, I seem to find myself failing at this attitude that is so greatly displayed in Christ. I must remind myself, as Paul does here in Philippians Chapter 2, that the commandment to LOVE my NEIGHBOR requires me to individually and personally to LOOK UP.

OTHERS FIRST is an easy way to explain this posture. We must move from a ME centered spectrum, that revolves around all MY INTERESTS and move toward an OTHERS mentality that LOOKS UP and realizes that there is a whole world out there that needs attention. I think that if we take this simple concept and decide to put OTHERS FIRST, we realize that we are making an impact by following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ Himself.


This month, we have been going through the Rebel lesson series for our MSM Sunday Morning Bible Study, and your student is learning about the importance of obedience and what not to do when God calls you through studying the story of Jonah.

We realize that you, as parents, are the primary faith influencers in your child’s life. The best disciple making takes place when students’ parents take the lead. Here are some conversation starters to help you talk with your child about what they’re learning:

  • What’s something that stood out to you or surprised you from this lesson series on Jonah?
  • What’s an application you’ve made and how is it going?
  • In what areas of your life is it hardest to be obedient to God? How can you grow in that?
  • How can I be praying for you?

6th Grade Retreat is Next Weekend, October 8-9

We are heading to Camp Eagle Friday, October 8 with a Charter Bus full of 6th graders!

We have a few spots still available, so sign up on the link below to guarantee your 6th Grader makes it on the BUS.

As the Middle School Pastor, I find great joy in getting to know the new students that step into the Oakwood Student Ministry for the first time. I realize that there is a wide gap between a 6th grade student and what will eventually be a 12th grader that graduates out of the Oakwood Student Ministry.

Our intention for the 6th Grade Retreat is to get away, focus on what counts -that’s relationships –and help your 6th grader own their personal growth in their relationship with Jesus.

We know that 6th graders have TONS OF ENERGY! That is why in such a short time, Camp Eagle is the perfect place to do life with your student and have fun. From capture the flag, to bonfires, to the mineshaft experience, to our “family style” meals, we find a sense of community and enjoy running off some of that “youth energy.”

Baptism Sunday

WHEN – Sunday, September 26, 2021

After the 11:00a service at Lazy L & L Campground. Lunch will be provided. Please bring your best dessert and meet at 11699 River Road. If you would like to be baptized in the river, bring a towel and something appropriate to wear in the river.

We are always excited to see students take steps to follow in obedience of Baptism, whether it is in the RIVER or here at OAKWOOD, we make it EASY to help coordinate with Middle School Students and their families. We have the impromptu Baptism time during our Main Worship Services and we are prepared for anyone and everyone to come our to take part in the RIVER BAPTISM Sunday afternoon.

WHERE: Lazy L & L Campgound, 11699 River Road, New Braunfels, TX US 78132

Henry Loftin Legacy

I recall meeting Henry Loftin for the first time at Pacesetters Camp in High School. Some family friends invited me to come to camp, and I found myself with a close family of college students in a ministry called Glowing Heart. It was not by chance that God led me to Pacesetters Camp at Dallas Baptist University my Junior Summer in High School. I had many thoughts about my life in Christ, but for some reason Pacesetters was like the fertilizer to the seeds of passion God had been placing in my heart. I found a camp experience that challenged me and stretched me to not only talk about Jesus, but take action for Jesus. That first night, I remember Henry speaking to our group and challenging us to get our relationship right with Jesus at the front end of camp, so that Jesus could work in us for the rest of the week. I remember that God impressed on me His compassion for the lost and the lowly so much, that I was literally WRECKED for Him. What God had been planting in me had risen up as a Passion to follow Christ. From that point forward, that Passion turned to many steps of action at my church. I saw the vision for my life. I began to understand that God could use me to help the lost and the broken where I lived. He had begun framing me to become a Servant Leader.

DBU Memorial Day Celebration

Little did I know that the Lord had a plan for me to join Glowing Heart Ministries in 1998. Henry became more than a camp director or speaker to me. He invited me and everyone on the team to be his family. That family is one that has experienced many days of traveling from church to church, leading to serve as Christ served, love with all our hearts, and experience the life-changing power of the Name of Jesus across the ends of the Earth.

Israel Trip 2001

Not only that, but Laura and I met at DBU and spent many days learning the same ministry through Glowing Heart Ministries. Henry counseled Laura during our “famous break up.” We worked hard to not let our “love life” interfere with the ministry we were doing. Henry taught us to be above reproach and serve others in all that we did. HOWEVER, when the stuff dropped and Laura and I had that time of separation, Henry said something to the sort of, “Next time, give me a heads up when you are about to do something like this.” Henry was someone safe that Laura could run to in a time of trouble. That is why, when we did realize we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together, we had no doubt that Henry would be the one to officiate our marriage. That was right here in New Braunfels, Tx, by the way! We brought the whole Glowing Heart team to do the music, many were bridesmaids and groomsmen, and we knew Henry would be the right person to share the Gospel to our friends and family attending our Holy Matrimony happening at First Baptist Church that hot day of August 3, 2002.

August 3, 2002

I have personally been thankful to the Lord that my place as the Middle School Pastor at Oakwood has given me the ability to continue to share that same legacy Henry shared with me. The blessing is the legacy of Christ passed down from generation to generation. As we remember Henry’s life, we cannot move far from the Good News of Jesus Christ. That is because he was a remarkable example of what Jesus looks like in today’s time. Here are some clips we had from Middle School Pacesetters Camp this past Summer. #henryloftinlegacy

Middle School Camp – June 2021