In-Person Middle School Schedule Tonight

Student Pavilion 6:00 to 7:30

Fusion Wednesday Nights

Student Pavilion  6:00pm to 7:30pm – Some Covid Thoughts

Bible study starts at 6pm with worship and talk time, followed by break-out sessions for real life discussion by grade and gender. 

  • Masks Are Required in the Student Pavilion (Gators are fine)
  • Holding off on FOOD for a while…

What is Fusion? 

Fusion offers a loving and accepting environment geared for middle school students grades 6-8. We have events, weekly meetings, and exist to Intentionally Engage middle school students by helping them make Jesus #1.

What happens on Fusion Wednesdays? We meet in the Student Pavilion

6:00pm Bible study begins.   We begin with student-led worship, move to talk time, and then break out into small groups for real life discussion.

7:30pm is dismissal time.

Can my Middle Schooler play on the playground? 

Parents, please let your Middle Schooler know that the playground is for CHILDREN and that they will be asked to leave the playground.  We have Gaga Ball and Basketball outside the Student Pavilion.


That’s Right! Sunday, Sept 13 is GO TIME for Middle School!

Middle School Ministry

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  • WE MEET DURING THE 9:30am SERVICE If you come at 11:00am, we suggest that your student attends Main Service with the family. 
  • WE ASK THAT YOUR CHILD WEAR A MASK The OSM is simply reflecting requirements for indoor meetings during COVID that we are asking during Oakwood Main Services.  Some day, Pastor Ray will not be wearing a mask… and we won’t be either (PRAY DEEPLY MY FRIENDS)
  • Students can Check themselves in.  We have a welcome team that helps check your student in.
  • We usually entice students with Shipley Donuts, but due to current Covid Restrictions, we are sadly delaying our man made manna at this time 😦
  • When we END, You Don’t Check Your Student Out.  When our time is over, around 10:30am, students are dismissed and find their parents ON THEIR OWN. (Fly young ducklings… FLY!!!)
  • Plan a MEETING PLACE after FUSION. Take a moment ahead of time and plan a place to meet up.  For example… “Meet us in the Mission Hall” or “We will probably be picking up little Johnny from the Children’s building, so meet us in the foyer” or “Meet us at the car, but don’t get hit by another church member’s car” or “Go ahead and just go home with another loving church family that will feed you and house you and take you to school” (maybe not the last one)
  • We have loving Adult Leaders. Every Adult Leader present is happy to help you and your student.  We are a team and LOVE YOUR KID TOO!
  • During the School Year we break out into Small Groups by Grade and Gender: These Small Groups are Relationally Oriented for group discussion that relates to the Talk Time with Pastor Brandon (Pastor B).
  • Small Groups usually happen in classrooms surrounding the Branch Service Location: Due to COVID Restrictions, we will be staying in and around the Student Pavilion
  • On A Normal, NON-COVID Sunday, we will begin to break out Small Groups ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE CHURCH BY THE BRANCH. This means that your kid will most likely NOT be IN THE PAVILION around 10:30am.  (In fact, High School Students will begin gathering for their Sunday Meeting time and your will be very confused.) …PLAN A MEETING PLACE
  • LASTLY WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR STUDENT: I know this transition is different and can seem overwhelming as a parent or as a new 6th grader.  With all the stress and Chaos or change, we want to help your student make Jesus #1 in their lives.  The truth is… I have seen great movements of God in our Student Ministry and I KNOW without a doubt that He has way more investment in the life or your child than even You or I do!

In Christ,

Pastor B

That Big Guy Smiling Behind the Mask


My name is Jared Greer and I am a 3-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior.

My message is that we can overcome any obstacle with God’s help, that we shouldn’t be defined by our failures, but we should see those failures as opportunities to learn and to grow and develop strength for the next challenge that life’s going to throw at us.

Join us for OSM NIGHT at the Student Pavilion 6:30 to 7:30pm.

How To Pray For Your School

How To Pray For Your School

Students are praying all across America and the world. Millions have prayed for their schools at See You At The Pole. Many of these same students continue to pray through the year in groups on campus and at their church. Educators, youth leaders and parents are praying, including 100,000 mothers meeting regularly with Moms In Prayer groups.

Campus ministry begins with prayer. Through prayer God opens hearts, brings blessing to schools and changes lives. Prayer will literally transform the atmosphere on a campus. This generation of students will be reached with God’s love and truth as we pray.

Here are some ways to pray for your school:

Pray For Students…

  • Praise God for all that he is doing on campuses through Christian students.
  • Ask that Christian students will be strengthened in their faith in Christ, that they would be wise and serve others around them.
  • Ask that all students at your school would be protected and safe.
  • Pray that everyone on campus would have the opportunity to hear the gospel and clearly understand how to put his or her trust in Jesus.
  • Ask that students would come to know Christ personally and a spiritual movement would grow on the campus.
  • Pray that Christian students and teachers will minister to students who have physical, emotional and family needs.
  • Pray for unity on the campus among Christians and that together they will reach out to their school.
  • Pray for an atmosphere of respect and unity on campus, socially and racially.

Idea – pray for every student in your school by name. Simply take a yearbook and go through the classes, praying for each student. Make copies of the pages and share them with others in your prayer group. Pray for them often.

Pray For Educators…

  • Thank God for the many educators who honor God with their lives and faith.
  • Ask that God would give wisdom to the administrators, teachers and school board members, making God honoring decisions.
  • Pray that all school staff including teacher assistants, cooks, bus drivers and maintenance personnel would be encouraged in their work.
  • Pray that your school educators will experience the love and concern of Christ through Christian students and adults.
  • Ask that educators would come to know Christ personally and follow Him.

Idea – pray for every teacher, coach and administrator by name using your yearbook to remind you of who they are and what they do at the school.

Pray For Youth Leaders And Parents…

  • Praise God for parents who are praying for their children, and youth leaders who are investing daily in teens across America and the world.
  • Pray that families in your community would be restored by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for wisdom for parents as they raise and guide their children.
  • Pray that youth leaders will be faithful and fruitful in the good work they do with youth.
  • Ask that youth leaders from churches and organizations will unite and reach out to every student by praying, caring and advancing the good news of Jesus.

Idea – make a list of all the youth leaders and pastors in your community and pray for them in your prayer group.

For more help, check out these resources:

MS Weekday Scripture Texts

We use REMIND to send a TEXT right to your device.

Let’s be real… Sometimes your day starts of right and other times, well… lets say you are just trying to get through it!

The Middle School Scripture Images we send during the week, Mon-Fri, are just another way to access God’s Word on the Go. This is designed with the Middle Schooler in mind, but ANYONE can sign up.

To instantly get on the REMIND Text List, type 81010 in the “TO:” section of your messenger app, and type @osmms (oakwood student ministry middle school) in the “Message” section and press send.