Tip#1 For LIving Your Best LIfe through the Darkest Times |.


In Honor of Andrew Heard

Tip #1

How do we live in a world where there is so much good to be done, and so few good people to change the evil?  I have thought about this a lot since becoming sick, but this week has become even worse with a little bit of hope.

You see, a little bit of hope means the responsibility to do something good.  The responsibility to do good is always on us, but it becomes heavier when we realize that the responsisbility is there,  Responsibilities feel the most accute when the body/soul first feels their burden.

Christiainity can feel overwhelming until you relize that Jesus has taken the load for us and that our job is to worship and love.  Here is how it works.  We find something that we love (ie wirting) and we pour ourselves into it as an act of worship.  That act of worship changes the world, but for the worshiper and the observer.

You want to know how to thrive in a world where hope is uncertain and pain is real?  First remember that hope, even if it is only in the life to come is real!  Second, while we can’t stop pain we can greatly mitigate it.  We can make this world more like the Kingdom of Heaven and less like hell.

If we find what we really love and pour into it, we will find we have a great gift to give the world.  We can leverage that gift into fixinig things for people who couln’d help themeseves.  Whether it’s is running water for an elderly woman in Cuero, or the oblideration of Malaria in an African country.  If we each do our part and leverage our gifts, the tides will turn, even if we only have 3 months to live.

So what is it that you really love?  My tip is that you figure that question out.  Maybe it is that you love people.  That is the gretaest gift you could give!  Whatever it is, don’t feel overwhelmed, just start doing it and let’s see how much of the KOG (KINGDOM OF GOD) we can usher in before I die!  This isn’t a challenge from me, but a challenge issued by Jesus to his first disciples.  Don’t be overwhelmed by size of the task, remember who you partner with and simply start with what you love.  There is great peace there.  That is where I find my peace; three months, three years, thirty years. let’s see how much good I can do before the shot clock expires and smile as I walk through the game with my God!


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