family-force-5Family Force 5

March 27 Concert

About the Artist

Mark Pittman, longtime Team interlínc member and Southern California Director, got to interview Josh from FF5. Let’s listen in to a bit of their wide-ranging conversation.

Josh, we’re looking at a real change for Family Force 5. In 30 seconds, tell us how the change came to be, and kind of the motives behind it.
The change for Family Force 5 was probably a yearlong process; Soul Glow Activator and the guys in the band talked about it and it really boiled down to him wanting to go and spend some time with his kids and wife. He has a six year-old and he wanted to be a dad. That was the easy part of the decision. The hard part was whether we wanted to continue being Family Force 5. We’ve been three brothers in a band and with the other two guys we’ve been playing together for years, so they’re like brothers. The hard decision was whether or not we wanted to continue to go out and play in this band and use our tool as a ministry. We felt as a new-formed band we would still have a voice to share Christ with people. At the end of the day that is what made our decision to continue Family Force 5.

Looks like it would be a big change but from what you’ve played for me seems like Crouton is stepping into the role easily and things sound great. Are you encouraged on what you are hearing?
Soul Glow will still write with us, and that is the cool portion. It’s like really he’s going away from touring but not from writing music with us or being with us as a family. So that’s cool and Crouton is really stepping into the role well. It is gonna sound a bit different, but it’s still going to be Family Force 5 and still gonna sound great. Crouton is an absolutely phenomenal dancer that no one has ever gotten to see, so get ready for Michael Jackson #2! (Laughing)

I’m ready for that. Maybe it’s a sequined Hulk hand?
Exactly … or penny loafers!

You guys have also been working on some new songs. Give us maybe the two you’re most excited about now.
Family Force 5 has always been about cutting loose and dancing. There is one song called “Dance Like Nobody Is Watching.” It has a double meaning. The song is about that kid growing up, anywhere in the country or world, and dancing in front of his mirror. Everybody did that growing up … “Yeah, I’m going to be a Rock Star!” And then your mom catches you. Most people don’t have a place they can dance like crazy. The other aspect of the tune is dance around and cut loose for Jesus. It’s kinda like using dance as a form of worship to the Lord.

There is another song, “Glow In The Dark”, which is about being a Christian and having Jesus in my heart and wherever I go, whether it is being around Christians or not. It’s about letting the light inside of me and having Jesus as my savior inside of me shine through and make me glow in the dark wherever I am.

Having Jesus in our heart is the light that leads our way wherever we go. That is the meaning behind that song. It is a super RAD song, super dance-y, and super rock just all around fun. Those are my two favorites right now coming up on this record.

We normally ask what we can pray for you about. Hope you guys feel encouraged to go on. I know there are thousands of youth and youth workers excited to know you’ll be marching on. Also, we will pray for Soul Glow Activator and his time with his family. That is a huge decision and important and we want to stand behind all you guys. Thanks!

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