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Prayer is priority when it comes to campus ministry and outreach. Students, youth leaders, parents, everyone can get involved. A team of praying people will have a significant influence at your school. Below are specific ways to pray.

Pray for students:

The campus is made up of a tapestry of many different students, all of whom have the need to experience the truth of Jesus Christ and be loved unconditionally. Christian students on campus are in a strategic position to communicate this love and truth. Here is how to pray for students:


  • strategic position

    for the safety of the students and faculty at the school.

  • that Christian students will be strengthened in their faith and confidence in Christ, and serve as campus missionaries.
  • that students who have emotional, physical or family needs will be ministered to by the Christians at school.
  • that everyone on campus would have a chance to hear the gospel and clearly understand how it relates to them personally.
  • that students will come to know Christ personally.
  • for God’s blessing on ministries and clubs at the school and Christ will be glorified.

Pray for educators:

School boards, principals, teachers and counselors have great responsibility, and are in key positions of influence.


  • that educators at each school will experience the love and concern of Christians.
  • that educators would come to know Christ personally.
  • that God would give wisdom to the administrators, teachers, counselors, school board members and superintendent of the school district.
  • that all staff, teacher assistants, cooks, bus drivers and maintenance personnel would be encouraged in their work.

Pray for Christian youth leaders and parents:

Youth leaders that represent churches and Christian organizations and parents are vital to ministry at local schools.


  • that youth leaders and parents from churches and organizations will be encouraged and empowered by God’s Spirit to reach out to schools and students.
  • that students and school educators will experience the concern of Christian youth leaders and parents.
  • that students and educators will come to know Christ personally through the witness of youth leaders and parents.
  • that youth leaders will be effective and fruitful in all the good work they do with youth.
  • that youth leaders, churches and organizations will unite and support one another as they reach students.

Consider every school a PRAYER ZONE. For more help on prayer check out everyschool.com

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