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We are blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to go before the Father on behalf of our leaders in school, in our local government, as well as our state and national government.  I was also blessed to partner with the Canyon Middle School Fellowship of Christian Athletes and see Middle School students share scripture and testimonies about how God has impacted them.  It is inspiring to hear sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students go before the Father in a group setting and express their hearts in prayer.

Just last week a group of youth pastors gathered and asked if See You At The Pole was something that still goes on.  Truth be told, this movement started in 1990 by students simply gathering to pray for leaders in the nation and schools.  Most of us in youth leadership have experienced See You At The Pole one way or another, and we see that it may be more tradition than movement-like at this point.  WHAT IS MOVING HOWEVER, is the continual work of Jesus Christ on campus each week.  Even if a gathering around the pole stops happening, we have seen students step up and lead out in FCA groups and start Bible Studies before school.  Oakwood High School Student, Aspen Whitlock, the President of the Canyon High School FCA, led worship this morning and was excited to help invest in middle school students.  We are truly blessed to see God move here at Oakwood and on campus!

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