What if prayer in your school went from scarce to abundant and God was invited into the building, what could happen. Imagine if  this wasn’t just your school, but the school down the street, across town and the entire country.

The partners of the Campus Alliance are extending a Call For Prayer inviting churches, youth groups and ministry organizations across America to fervently pray for every high school and middle school student and campus.

Prayer is vital in bringing Gods presence and power to the lives of over 25 million students throughout our nation. It can literally change the spiritual atmosphere at a campus. Through prayer God opens hearts, brings blessing to a school and removes the spiritual blindness that keeps students from seeing and understanding the gospel message. Prayer is often the only thing that will change things and advance the Kingdom of God.

The GOAL – every school and student is prayed for asking God to bring his truth, blessings and love to their campus and personal lives. If every church and youth ministry in every community joins in this nationwide call for prayer, an entire generation will be covered.

What can each of us do?

1. Every local church, youth group and campus ministry mobilize a dynamic school prayer effort. 

  • Identify the schools that your church and youth group will pray for on a regular basis this school year.
  • Gather info about the schools including the names of administrators, teachers and students. One way to do this is obtain a copy of the most recent school year book, or visit with students and teachers from the school. This will help you map the campus for prayer. Youth groups can easily list both adults and students at their school for whom they will pray.
  • Pray for your schools at your worship services, youth group, small groups, youth network meetings, etc.
  • Students claim your campus and mobilize your friends to pray for your school. Form prayer triplets at school. Plan to participate at See You At The Pole.
  • Mothers – join a Moms In Prayer group.
  • Youth Leaders organize prayer for every school through your network of youth ministries in your community.
  • Everyone, make prayer for schools a personal daily discipline. Even as you drive by a school consider it a prayer zone and lift up the school in prayer.

2. Schedule a Sunday in your church and youth group to pray for schools.

Three Sunday opportunities are coming this fall that you can use to mobilize prayer and ministry for local schools:

3. Go to www.everyschool.com and ADOPT the school(s) in your area.

By adopting your school you are joining a national movement to pray for and reach out at every campus.

4. Spread the word through social media.

Through your Facebook page, texting, emails and websites invite friends to join the movement and pray for their school. Direct people to everyschool.com and encourage them to adopt their school.

We believe the time is now for transforming prayer to be raised over our schools and we are asking you to join in this courageous call for prayer.

The Campus Alliance is a coalition of more than 50 national church denominations and youth ministry organizations working together to serve schools and share the gospel of Jesus with every student in our nation.

* Quote from D.L. Moody, American Evangelist 1837-1899lets_pray_for_every_school

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