Dillon Chase initially came onto the scene out of Denton TX. To summarize the driving force behind making music Dillon says; I desire that my music glorifies God, builds up believers, and evangelizes the lost. He started rapping at the age of 14 in 1999, making every effort to grow in his craft. Originally a product of a home ridden with parents who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, Dillon was destined for a life of struggling. But in 2004, by Gods grace-Dillon recognized the importance of the redeeming blood of Christ to pay the price for his sin. He turned from serving his own selfish ambitions and submitted to the will of God. Six years later the grace of God showed evidence in his parents life as well.
Overtime Dillon began to use his gifts as a way to create a platform to proclaim the gospel. In early 2007,Dillons life of servitude was seen and acknowledged through fellow Christians Lecrae and Sho Baraka, thus inviting him to be a part of the 116 Clique project 13 Letters. Currently Dillon continues to produce holy lyrics with a style and flare all his own, emphasizing being a walking testimony off the stage as well as on the stage, of Gods glory and redemptive power.
In September of 2008 Dillon signed with Kingdom City Records and released two projects with them; The Pursuit and Pause. Coupling his passion as a minister/street evangelist with Stand Out Ministries, Dillon grew exponentially as an artist, husband and father. Featured on such albums as the 13 Letters Compilation produced by Reach Records and Sho Barakas debut album Turn My Life Up, Dillon has nationwide exposure and nationwide acclaim. Although he receives accolades and applause for his music; he fights to remain humble, resting in the shadow of Jesus Christ perfect work on the cross. Initially releasing The Pursuit regionally to much acclaim Dillon Chase was later able to reach a national audience with the national re-release of the project. With his dirty south bangers, smooth contemporary cuts, and amazing lyricism, it proves to be a thought evoking, passion building collection of songs. The video for the single Walk Worthy featuring Tedashii reached thousands with a message to please God in private and public life.
Dillon Chase is currently touring with Stand Out Ministries in various cities along with ministering in his local body, and prisons in the state of Oklahoma.

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