Featuring Dylan Manley

Password: Oakwoodms


My name is Dylan.  I like coffee, theology, books, and of course beards.  I am a husband, a father, an apologist, and most importantly a believer in Jesus and his gospel of grace.

I am also a full time student-pastor in Denton, TX (North DFW).  I also get the opportunity to travel and share the Gospel with people all across the world.  I speak at DNOWs, conferences, stand-alones, and any other place someone will have me.

I also do training in apologetics and would love to help you or your group be equipped for defending and proclaiming the Truth. I can teach on nearly any apologetics topic you might be interested in, but I specialize in the uniqueness of Christianity among world religions.

I’d love to partner with you to make much of Jesus and lead others to a Jesus shaped life.

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