This week we are on mission in Austin, Texas. In partnership with LeaderTreks, we are serving various ministries each day and stretching our Middle Schoolers even more than before.

Psalm 91:2

I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

When I think about living a life on mission, I am reminded of one of my lifelong verses. Psalm 91:2 speaks of protection and security, no matter what is heading our way. It seems that this past year sent curve balls our way with a pandemic, a shut down, questioning how to come back and gather in a healthy way, and even questions whether life itself would get “back to normal.” It is interesting how subtracting certain things from your life can reveal what really are true additions to you personally. Many of us gathered in our homes as safe places with friends and family that we trusted. It became our “fortress” or “refuge” away from the outside fears. Much like our physical homes and places of safety, the Lord is a strong tower of refuge as well. His ways and His mighty hand protect us as we navigate unknown waters and fight whatever comes our way. The very fact that we must find a heart to Trust God reminds us that in Him, we cannot be shaken. Pray for our Middle Schooler to learn to TRUST GOD in the same way. Whatever the task, He calls us to Him as a protection and a refuge.

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